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Important people involved in settlement of Australia

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  • Captain Arthur Philip
Admiral Arthur Philip was the first governor of New South Wales, the first European colony on the Australian continent. He assembled the fleet that went to Australia. He had to prepare them for a eight month journey to Australia. He was born the son of a German. In October of 1786 he was named the captain of the HMS Sirius one of the ships designated to go to Australia.He had a very hard time assembling a crew to go to Australia with, only 772 convicted criminals to establish a colony, only 732 survived.

  • James Ruse

James Ruse was a Cornish farmer convicted of breaking and entering. He was sentenced 7 years of transportation to Australia. He applied to Governor Phillip for a land grant, stating that he was a born farmer. Ruse received a grant of 30 acres or 120,000 meters squared. He was able to sell 600 bushels of maize (corn) at one time. He was given two cows and six hens. He was to be fed by the public, and in return he if he was successful he could keep the land.

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  • Pemulwuy

Pemulwuy lived near Botany Bay and was the leader of the Bidjigal people. He had to patrol the farming area and protect the settlers. They used fires to destroy the British territory. Then the British went for their revenge and attacked the Eora people and their camps while the men were out hunting. The British killed many people, like elderly people, women, and children but the others were wounded. Pemulwuy got many people to join his campaign against the newcomers. Pemulwuy led 100 fighters into "The Battle of Parramatta" in 1797. He was shot 7 times and was taken to a near-by hospital but escaped so he is known as a carradhy (clever man). Phillip Gidley King outlawed Pemulwuy and offered a reward for his death or capture in November 1801. He died a year later in 1802 by being shot by a British sailor.

  • Sir Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes was was a Australian statesman. He was born on the 27th of May, in the year 1815. He started out very slowly in Austrailia working for John Jamison in his estate. He later moved back to the city, and worked in a small store. He later began to take an interest in the governing of his colony. He was very interested in self government.